List of 50 Best Study Abroad Programs All Over The World

best study abroad programs

Our world in an open door, where all the college students are standing outside the threshold. Never before there are opportunities for international college students, for potential employers to feel abroad experiences as a qualification in hiring university graduates. Benefits of studying abroad is not only to gain better resume but also grows compassion, traveling broadens our mind and gives the person to see the wold through a different prospective.Doing vast research of study abroad program available at most every university, based on best college reviews we generated a list of most popular/ best study abroad programs. According to that research we found that most of the popular universities offers best study abroad program through other third party organizations. Or study abroad programs are offers by the organization with the partnership of best universities in foreign country. Our following best abroad study programs are listed based on the following criteria:

Our program was done within limited numbers of students, approximately 1,000, providing a more intimate experience while studying in abroad.That program was at least six month long.Each university has specific location internationally, all students are not enrolling at abroad universities.

  • Centre College Abroad Study Program

Center College participate in Centreterm and travel the world with a faculty members and with targeted academic goal in their mind. These students or faculty members have opportunity to travel the world with this remarkable program to Morocco, India, Japan, Egypt or many other Asian and European countries. During this study abroad program, students have opportunity to build relationship with a faculty member and ask important questions. Under this study abroad program, the college offers internship in abroad in Mexico, Isreal, Costa Rica and many other countries. Through the Centre’s international programs approximately 85% of Centre students study abroad.

  • ELON University

Students who is undertaking degree in Costa Rica have opportunity to participate in four overnight excursions to the fascinating Arenal Volcana, Panama, Playa Tamarindo, Monteverde. Under this program students have opportunity to travel London, San Jose, and Florence and study in one of the Elon University’s Elon Centers abroad, and students have the support Elon faculty member and other Elon Students.

  • Bates College Fall Semester Abroad Program

Bates College offers one of the most expensive and best abroad study programs through outside the organizations. Yes it is more expensive but, they provide the fall semester abroad program. In this program students have opportunity to develop a foreign languages skill and study with the Bates faculty members. In this program they provide the maximum possible ways to enrich learning through travel.

  • University of San Diego

The Madrid Center is the first, international and permanent location of University of San Diego which awes introduced in November 17, 2014 and located in the hart of Madrid. The Madrid center is also the location of USD’s semester abroad program in Madrid. This abroad study program offers the same courses as USD offered. In this program students may study their general education course requirements and may relax in the evening gazing on the works of EL Greco.

  • Northeastern University

This university offers a different type of Dialogue of Civilizations program. This abroad study program is the series of global students exchange between students from all around the world and Northeastern University. The main aim of this program is to connect the their students with rest of the world and provide a global experiences. Northeastern’s students may choose which language and country they are interested in pursing. More than 20 members from each faculty may participate in this program. The selected students may have opportunity to discussing with local leaders regarding environmental studies, globalization, economics, politics and community activism.

  • St. Olaf College

The St. Olaf College offers a six study abroad program for their students. Students would spend their Mediterranean semester in Turkey and Morocca. They will compare at least three Asian Culture in Asia. In Global Semester they will the culture in Europe, Mideast and Asia, Chinese society and culture in China, they learn about environmental science in Australia and Biology in India.

  • Syracuse University

Syracuse University offers eight different study abroad programs in Florence, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Istanbul, Santiago, Madrid and Strasbourg. Each programs are designed basted on their aims and their language abilities with their academic director and support staff. Students may have opportunity to participate in internships, homestays and communtity engagements so it become one of th best study abroad program.

  • The University of Arkansas

The university of Arkansas provide the opportunity to study at the University Rome Center in Rome, which is located in the heart of historic global city. During this program, participant may have opportunity to explore Italian culture, language history and arts as well as take core classes. They have opportunity to immersing themselves in the Rome history and rich architecture.

  • West Virginia University

The West Virginia university also offers the study abroad program include a large of faculty led programs. These programs are designed to fill different types of academic needs by placing students in setting they can not learn while studying in college course. Under this program, they will take students all over the world including Greece, Poland,Romania,Tobago, Trinidad, Turkey, Vietnam etc.

  • Emory & Henry College

The Emory & Henry College offers 70 best study abroad program in 35 countries to their students. In this program the students need to meet regularly a topic related study location in abroad at the end of their semester. Whole class travel to that specific location to experience their learning. Students have opportunity to travel with their faculty member and their professor. Students will take unforgettable learning experiences in different places and locations.

  • Best Study Abroad Programs Loyola Marymount University

Loyol Marymount University offers the opportunity for their students study abroad program in one of LMU’s semester abroad program. Students spend the semester in Bonn, engineering, film and television students in Germany, science students spend their semester in London, they will have golden opportunity to study and work in one of the greatest cities in the world.

  • College Of Charleston

Students of College of Charleston may choose among seven different semester long best abroad study programs each academic year. During this program they will travel Chile, Cuba, Spain, France or Argentina. If student choose to study abroad in Chile then he/she will stay with host family with is chosen by the University, this gives the golden opportunity to explore about Chilean culture and lifestyle. Except this students may participate in one group excursion.

  • Skidmore College

The Skidmore College is located in the heart of Paris which is also known as the city of light. This university offers students an unforgettable study abroad experience in France. A specific topic is designed and chosen for students in each semester. After this program students may come away with French language. The Skidmore Center is the center of students where French is the only language spoken.

  • Roger Williams University

As we know that almost study abroad programs are offered by the third party organization with the partnership with university but the Roger Williams University directly offers the vibrant range of best study abroad program to their students. This university has firm belief that students should experience different culture, they should build new prospective to see the world and utilize that experience into lifelong learning. Among these study abroad program RWU in Italy ( Florence city) is the special program, where students may take classes in arts political science, architecture, culture science and visual arts while living in Italy.

  • Middlebury College

The Middlebury College offers the Middlebury schools abroad programs, for this, college has sixteen school in abroad each are different in nature and size. In each school there are Middlebury staff member to support for the personal growth of students during study abroad programs. This study abroad study program gives the opportunity to the student to achieve unforgettable experiences to meet their need and goals.

  • Hamilton College

Study abroad program offers by the Hamilton College is specially designed to provide personal support to each students and individual advising. This is one semester long program include visits and group activities and every students have ample time to explore sites of Paris and the surrounding area in France.

  • Trinity College

The abroad study program in Cape Town offers by the Trinity College was established in 1998 provide the opportunity to spend a six month or one year in South Africa. In South Africa, students has opportunity to study about racial and class oppression, diverse population, unique history and varied culture. While staying in Cape Town student need to enroll an academic internship at a local school or medical clinic.

  • Georgetown University

Study abroad program offers by the Georgetown University provide opportunity to travel overseas either in Alanya, Turkey or Fiesole, Italy. These both locations have an on-site university member to support the participant and the plan excursions. Students from different faculty are chosen and different courses are offers each year. This university also has satellite campus in Qatar ( Doha).

  • Duke University

Recently, Duke University launch a semester long study abroad program in India targeting on both urban and rural lifestyle. In this program half of the semester is spend rural areas studying and researching about global health and second half of the semester is spend in largest cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore studying urban health and development issues, environments, income disparities etc.

  • Earbham College

With Earlham College’s semester study abroad program students have opportunity to travel New Zealand, Austria, France, India, Tanzania, Germany, Ecuador, Spain and Japan. Each destination are unique and focus on different experiences. Student should spend six month or one year in another country so they need to choose the best abroad study program that they are interested and best fits with their aims or goals.

  • Best Study Abroad Programs In Northwestern College

In Northwestern College’s Oman Semester, students have opportunity to explore about middle east and Islam. Study abroad program is held on Oman and Arab which are the southwest and peaceful country of Asia. The old part of the capital city of Muscat where students are live would live, study and research. Students need to study Muslim – Christian relation, culture and society while studying in Oman. In addition students need to spend time traveling in different places in Oman, ride camels, climbs Wahiba and Dunes and many more.

  • Gustavus Adolphus College

Similar as other other colleges study abroad program this college also offers vibrant range of study abroad exchange programs but this also offers three faculty led semester program in Sweden, Malaysia and India. In Malaysia percipient have opportunity to participate in different types of community service.

  • Anderson University

Anderson University offers different types of study abroad program for their students every year. The main aim of this university is that every students must see the world and wide their perspective to see the world and gain the new experiences. During, this program courses are taught by University professors. For this program deserving students will have scholarship program. Students will spend their semester in Australia studying history, culture environment with Anderson University Professor.

  • Boston University

This university has broader University programs which is available in more than 30 cities around the world. Those students who prefer studying abroad choose to study faculty of Liberal arts,fine arts,sciences,business,engineering and language look for this university. In addition this university provides 14 programs for BU students for intimate experience in university programs. Students get opportunity to travel to Sydney, Paris, London, and Quito to experience different life style,courses and opportunities.

  • Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College offers the one of the best study abroad program dedicated to the aim to make their student able to understand and communicate with the people of different language and culture. During abroad students live with local hosting families to study language, culture, literature and civilization they are immerse in. During program they student need to attend class and go on several excursions. For this program students will travel Peru, Russia, Japan, China, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and France.

  • Ave Maria University

The Ave Maria University mainly offers two study abroad opportunity to their students one in Nicaragua and another in Rome. In Rome students will live at Villa Serenella in a Monastery. That Monastery is owned by the Antonine order of Monks. For the participating students monks offers the classroom or space, meals and accommodation.

  • University of ST. Thomas

The University of ST. Thomas believe in combining practical and theory is relevance in the real world. This university offers 16 credit study abroad program for their students of business semester to gain global perspective. During this semester student will travel throughout Europe and London. In London they will lean about culture, politics, economy, life in great Britain living with host families in London.

  • University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the top ranked university in the world, offers one of the best study abroad program known as the Chicago’s research and teaching arm in Europe. Students may will have opportunity to learn and study with intellectual community of faculty about tradition, culture and European thoughts. Students form physical science, natural science, social science and humanities may participate in this programs.

  • University of Dallas

Students have a opportunity to spend six month at the University of Dollas twelve -acre campus near by the beautiful hillside of Southeast Rome. This is the place where popes take their summer rest and old Rome got its start. For study abroad program, courses are designed to increase their understanding of the main reason behind the development of European civilization. Participant will take mainly two trip on their abroad program semester, one in Northern Italy and another in Greece.

  • Best Study Abroad Programs ByWebster University

Webster University is situated in attractive city Leiden in Netherlands, has an international campus which was established in 1983. Participating students have opportunity to explore rich history in Leiden. Students may learn about history, commercial importance for centuries easily because this city offers easy access to almost anywhere in Europe. During this programs students will spend their time with their related professors to achieve their academic goals while studying history and culture of that city.

  • University of Portland

University of Portland students will spend their six month of period in Austria, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Italy and England. This study abroad program carry twelve to eighteen credits in their semester. In Austria, students will live in Portland university’s residence hall with library, classrooms, and accommodation.

  • Rhodes College

Rhodes College offers a full semester best study abroad programs to their students in various locations all over the Europe. Students will travel five weeks in Western Europe, England and Oxford. Participating students will learn form British tutors in Art History. There are mainly two types of programs one is focused on Western Europe and another is focused on Ancient of Rome and Greece.

  • Connecticut College

Connecticut College give the study abroad opportunity to small group of students to work with faculty in a joint educational enterprise studying and working with local community in developing nation. Study abroad program offered by this college is called SATA, during SATA students need to pursue their regular course load with special educational focus, need to spend time in field trips which is designed to study about history, social customs and culture of the region. For this program students will travel South Korea, Italy, Peru and Vietnam.

  • Sarah Lawrence College

Study abroad program offers by Connecticut College provide opportunity for the students to experience in small seminar and individual work with faculty except experiencing a new culture and language. During this programs students will travel all over the world specially including Germany, Greece, Peru, Cuba, London and Italy.

  • Biola University

Biola University offers the Biola University’s Heidelberg semester program in the Rhine Rift valley nestled in southwest Germany which is the City of Heidelberg. Participant will have opportunity to live and in historic old town with beautiful concert halls, museums and spending time in vibrant range of wounderful historic and culture sites.

  • Eastern Illinois University

The Eastern Illinois University offers wide range of best study abroad programs to their students to experience the world. This university offers abroad study programs with the partnership with third parties organizations for students who is looking for personal experiences alongside trusted and expert faculty. They spend their six month of course in South Africa working in Human services. Students have opportunity to experience sky diving, bungee jump and shark diving.

  • Eastern Mennonite University

Eastern Mennonite University offers the study abroad program for their bachelor degree students. Students must spend their one semester immersed in completely different culture all over the world including Latin America, Africa, and Asia. During study abroad program students will work, discuss, journal and experience with their faculty member of university staff.

  • Wartburg College

The Wartburg College offers the study abroad program called Dier program, for those students who are interested in social injection and addressing poverty have opportunity to travel Adelaide, Australia and to work with Lutheran Community care. This program provide the service in South Australia such as educational programs, clothing, shelters, foods etc.

  • The University of Washington

Hundreds of best study abroad programs are offere by the University of Washington for their students. Students have opportunity to work in small group with faculty members, traveling with prestigious university faculty member, study architecture in Rome, Literature in France, arts in Spain and Spanish in Peru.

  • Best Study Abroad Programs By Carleton College

The Carleton Colleges offers 18 faculty led programs and other numerous study abroad program with the partnership with other third party organizations and universities. Students will travel with faculty staff to lean about ecology in Australia, in China, urbanization in Tanzania and geology in New Zealand. Faculty member supports the students to encourage personal growth and development while studying in abroad.

  • Butler University

Butler University allowing students to travel and spend a semester in multi locations with Butler faculty member by offering a study abroad program. For student who want to experience several culture and does not want to settle in one place, this program is perfect. Students will learn different thing in different location with different faculty members. Except this, Butler offers vibrant range of programs under GALA.

  • Assumption College

Assumption College offers study abroad program for 25 students per semester in the Eternal City, Rome. Faculty member guide the students every time to fulfill student’s general education requirements. Students take the classes while traveling. University provide both living accommodations and classroom so students can enjoy family style meals and collegian environment.

  • Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University offers their students to spend six month at Casa Artom one of the historic place in Venice, Italy. During this program students will attend the Venice Film Festival, Carnevale as well as they will travel different location around the Italy.

  • Millsaps College

In the program offers by the Millsaps College, students will travel Yucatan and may take course in Archaeolog, ecology, business, geology, education, literature, history and social cultural anthropology.

  • Franciscan University of Steubenville

The Franciscan University of Steubenville offers study abroad program to 150-200 students each semester to live and learn about 14th century Carthusian monastery in Austria. Students have opportunity to travel weekly all over the Europe and classes are taught by university’s own professors. Each students will have opportunity to choose a study abroad program at Oxford or to work with professor to design their best study abroad program based on their choice and interest.

  • Goshen College

Goshen College’s study abroad program is a unique program dedicated to something beyond the usual. After joining in this program, students have opportunity to servicing a local community and total cultural immersion. This is 13 week long study abroad program and has two half parts. In first half students will stay with local hosting family to learn culture and language with other students and university members. And in second half of semester, students will work as volunteer projects by traveling to helping the local villages.

  • Emerson College

During Emerson College’s semester abroad program, students will spent a semester in 14th century medieval castle in Well , Netherlands. It is the amazing location surrounded by two moats. For this program students are selected by a random lottery and need to apply 1 year in advance. During this program students will experience the culture and history of Europe.

  • Guilford College

The abroad study program offed by the Guilford College is Guilford College’s Brunnenburg Semester program. For this program 14 students are randomly chosen. Students combine study and work while traveling the town of Merano near by the Austrian Border. The rich and integral part of the program is regular excursion by foot into the south Tyrol region as well as more extended outings to major European cities, historic places and landmarks.

  • Best Study Abroad Programs by University of Evansville

The University of Evansville bring their students and faculty desiring to best abroad study program in an elaborate Victorian manor house with mare than 100 rooms in English Countryside which is the second home of this university. Two Colleges of University of Evansville : Harlaxton College and British Colleges for those who want to explore about English culture and history. This program contains travel, seminars and lectures classes. During this program students have opportunity to experience and study about British Culture and life, literature, political science, history, economics, art history and other valuable experiences.

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