Best Places To Study Abroad – 10 Best Study Abroad Destinations

Studying abroad is one of the fantastic opportunity to enrich your mind with knowledge and positive experiences. Everyone always tell you that you must make more experiences in student life. And the best way to do so is by studying in abroad. If you are feeling monotonous and lackluster in your students life or in your college life then it may be time to find out the best places to study abroad. Studying abroad may have the chance to experience the life as a student in another country, opportunity to personal growth and improve self confident. Undertaking degree in abroad give you a opportunity to explore the world and give you the different prospective to see the world. But, where may be the best place to study abroad? To study abroad choosing best abroad study location, best university and best courses always matters.

In the world there are large number of study abroad study destination, it is very difficult to choose just one location or place to enrolled your study. United State Of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand are always the best choice to study abroad. But comparing on quality of education system, courses, facilities, living expenses and study cost, study environment and many other factor we sort the best places to study abroad as following.

1. United State of America

american universities

United State of America is the best and most popular destination according to the international student satisfaction rate and their review. When people think about best place to study abroad then first come in mind is USA. American Universities offers excellent academic facilities, vibrant range of educational opportunities, outstanding innovation research opportunities, opportunities to study in forefront country of technology, employment prospects, quality and unique academic curriculum, vibrant option for career. To expenses to study in USA may approximately $20,000 to $50,000 which is more expensive than other study abroad destination. Although, the expenses to study in USA is high, it achieve the first position on best place to study abroad because of their outstanding facilities and opportunities.

2. United Kingdom

According to student satisfaction rate and review, United Kingdom (UK) become the most popular destination and second best place to study abroad in the world. Studying in UK gives you opportunity to explore world most culture diversity, to gain unforgeable life experiences and link to world reputed business and companies. British Universities offers vibrant range of course ( more than (1,00,000) but individually strong in medical surgery, marine biology, sports psychology, psychology, make up paramedical science, computer science, law etc. The total expenses to study in UK may be approximately US$20,000 to 40,000 depending on university and their rules.

3. Study In Australian

australain universities

Australia become one of the most popular destination for abroad study, offers the world class education in affordable cost. More than 22,000 courses are offers by more than 1,100 Australian academic institution. Seven Australian universities ranked among top 100 university in the world according to world university ranking. Australian government want to introduce Australia as best place to study abroad or study abroad destination. To make so Australian government provide the vibrant range of scholarships opportunity for post graduate students specially. Australian universities offers vibrant range of courses to choose for international student so most of the international students prefer Australia as best place to study abroad. It was found that 89% of international student satisfaction with living and studying in Australia. Because of This reason, Australia achieve third position among top ten best study abroad location.

4. Canada

Canada is famous as the most popular and attractive destination for international students from all around the world. Students choose Canada not only for study in Canada but also they want to stay in Canada after graduation. Canada achieve 4th place among best place to study abroad because Canadian universities offers vibrant range of scholarships opportunities and very small study cost as compare to other study abroad destination. As we know, Canada is the international forefront of computer science and information technology. Canadian universities provide vibrant range of courses but particularly strong in Engineering, Telecommunication, Nursing and environmental science, biotechnology etc.

5. Germany

Germany Become one of the most industrialized, developed and populous country in Europe. This country leading the world in the field of technology, development and commercial. IT become one of the best place to study abroad because, it gives vast different student life experiences than studying in other European, American, Australian or any other country. Germany shared border with nine different country so that there are many option to explore different culture and languages. German government provide free education, which attract more international students from all around the world.

6. New Zealand

New Zealand is a small, unique and beautiful Iceland Country which is located on pacific ocean. It do not share border with any other country, even it the best place to study or live in the world. Australia is the nearest country from New Zealand, so its culture is almost similar with Australian culture. New Zealand beautiful country. It is not only popular for study destination but also tourist destination . Everyone who visit the New Zealand may enjoy the beauty of nature every day. Even New Zealand is small country it is rich in various culture and languages and has great connection to the rest of world.

7. China


China is the second largest country in Asia, most populous country in east Asia and one of the fastest developing country in the world. For the students form Asian countries, China is the best place to start off and enhance career. Studying in China made you skillful and experienced, you will have opportunity to achieve first hand experience in Chinese company, certificate from Chinese company are globally recognized so China become one of the best place to study abroad. If you can survive in China then you will easily can survive in rest of the world. This is the most important benefit of studying in China.

8. Japan

Evaluating the satisfaction and review of abroad students, Japan achieved 8th position among best abroad study destination. Japan is the forefront of world in the field of science, information technology and artificial intelligence. There are more than 700 world reputed universities in Japan, among them 11 universities ranked before top 200 universities in the world. It is legal to work in Japan while studying, so you may maintain your study cost yourself. Many Japanese universities provide the scholarships for outstanding international students and also study and living cost in Japan is comparatively law than other European Countries.

9. Spain

The Kingdom of Spain is commonly known as Spain, is the southwestern European Country. Spain is the only one European country which bordered with African countries. Spanish is the main language of Spain which is second most widely spoken language in the world. Indeed, USA has more Spanish than Spain. Spain is one of the top nation with largest economy and most beautiful nation in the Europe. Every European has dream, to travel Spain before they die. So study in Spain is one of the most beautiful opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and beauty of culture. Spain is not popular destination only for visiting but also as the abroad study destination. More than 80,000 student get admitted in more than 70 Spanish universities annually.

10. Norway

Kongeriket Norge or Kingdom on Norway is commonly known as Norway, is the 6th largest country in Europe. According to global peace index Norway is one of the peaceful country in the world. There are mare than 1’000 lakes and ponds which make this country as the queen of beauty. There are more than 50 academic institutions including public, private college and institutions. Spanish universities offers excellent academic facilities on affordable cost, experiment based learning, high quality education and certificate from Spanish universities are globally recognized. So most international students get attracted towards Spain.

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