What Is Software Engineering? – Definition of Software Engineering

what is software engineering

Software engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with devising and building a practical solution to specific problem. The main theme of this course is the study, analyze and understand the problem and develop the software to solve that problem using Computing system. For detail study check out what is software engineering post.

Definition of Software engineering

Software engineering is the engineering course focus on design, development and maintenances of computer software and computing system. The engineers who correct the issues of low quality computer software project is called the software engineers. Different types of problems are arise when software generally exceeds the budgets, deadline, quality level and user usability. Hence software engineer make sure that the software is make correctly and consistently on budget, time and within requirements. A good software engineer must follow the software development process while developing software or computer programs. Nowadays everyone can make computer software and mobile application but these all software or application can not meet the user requirements and user expectation. So, To meet the user expectation, problems must be analyses which can be done by software engineer. Therefore the engineering which is must essential to develop the quality software is the software engineering.

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The quality of software is judged by the features it offers to the user and how easily end user can use it. Also the quality of good software is score in following criteria :


Operational means how good a application works on operation like correctness, efficiency, usability, functionality, safety and security, dependability.

2. Transitional

Transition is very important factor during an software is shifting or upgrading or transform, from one platform to another platform. Hence adaptability, re usability and portability come in transitional filed.


It means how good a software works with the changing environment. Scalability, flexibility, maintainability and modularity comes in maintenance part. Additionally, to develop the good software application there is a series of stages in software engineering called software development life cycle or SDLC which include :

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Communication
  • System Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Software Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Disposition

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Software engineering generally start with a first step as user requirement for a specific task or an output. User submit their requirements to a software company. The team of software engineers segregates user requirements, functional requirements and system requirements. The user interviewer collect the required information form user, studying of the existing system and referring the database. After all the requirements are collected, they analyses whether the computer software can be build to fulfill all the requirements of user or not.

The software engineer then include an blueprint of their plan. This stage also include an understanding of software product limitations. After understanding problem and analysis, a software design is start. Hence the implementation of software design is start with coding in suitable programming language. After completing code writing, its time to testing the code which is done by the developers and testing experts. Different types of testing is to done like program testing, module testing, in house testing, product testing and testing the product at user’s engagement and feedback. Therefore, this is how software engineering works.

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