What is Mechanical Engineering ? – Definition, Career and Scope

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Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with everything that moves, incldunig human body to very complex machines. Its specialized subjects include Cartilage-tissue, biomechanics, laser-assisted materials processing, energy conversion, combustion, microfluidic, MEMS, nanomechanics, micropower generation and many more. Similar as, Civil engineers design for the big building, bridge and estimate the cost to construct. Software engineers design software, computer engineers design and analyze the computing system. Similarly, Mechanical engineering involves in design, analyze and manufacturing of mechanical system. For more check our complete post about what is mechanical engineering.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering field which deals with how to apply the principles of engineering to design and construction, manufacturing and maintenance of machines and mechanical parts. This engineering is also the branch of physics which involves the production and usage of mechanical power to design, production and operation of machines and their parts. Mechanical engineering is the broadest and oldest disciplines of Engineering.

Mechanical Engineers works across the vibrant range of industries conceptualizing, designing, creating and maintenance of machines and mechanical parts or components.

Why Mechanical Engineering Is Important ?

Though, mechanical engineering is not the field that most people spend time thinking about. It is critical to so many aspects of everyday life from basic understanding of science to modern conveniences. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and may be traced back centuries to the great thinkers of Ancient Greece like Archimedes. An understanding of core concept is required for this engineering, including material science, thermodynamics, kinematics, mechanics and structural engineering. So, this engineering use the core principle and computing system or tools like computer aides engineering to design and analyze the manufacturing plants, medical devices, robotics, watercraft, aircraft, transport systems, heating and cooling system, industrial equipments and machinery and much more.

Scope of Mechanical Engineering

Different types of engineering fields have their own working  working field.As we know, mechanical engineering is use in manufacturing facilities. But the working field of the engineers may different according to the area of specialization. And also the type and domain of company they are working with. Simply, we can be said that, they works on designing and controlling of a system that goes into the process of manufacturing the machinery and its parts. Mechanical Engineers test the efficiency and feasibility of new system and carries out quality management and improvement process.

Additionally, there is huge scope of mechanical engineering in drilling and mining industry, automobile engineering, petroleum engineering. Similarly, in cement industry, aeronautical, power sector, steel, biotechnology, hydraulics, environmental and bio-medical field and many more.

A starting mechanical engineers may have option for various job opportunity such as : Production supervisor, design engineer, safety engineer, CAD/CAM trainer, maintenance engineer, Quality Assurance, CNC programmer, Jr. Engineer, R&D Trainee etc.

Branches Of Mechanical Engineering

There are many engineering specialties that can fit within its scope because, Mechanical Engineering cover a broad topic. Some of the most popular mechanical engineering branch are listing below where graduating students could find careers.

Aerospace Engineering : Specific vehicle engineering designed to air and space travel.

Vehicle Engineering : Designing and developing of vehicles.

Thermal Engineering : Deals with control of heating and cooling system.

Manufacturing Engineering : Optimizing equipments for the manufacture of goods, developing processing as well as machines and manufacturing techniques.

Acoustical Engineering : Deals with control of vibration in order to reduce unwanted noise.

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