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what is computer scince

Nowadays computer science degree become one of the most popular and best major course among different types of degree. There are vibrant range of reason that computer science become so popular including diverse job opportunity across industries, uncommonly high starting salaries, exceptional job security. However, before undertaking computer science degree students must ask themselves , what is computer science ? If you are looking for exactly this, check out the complete post and explore the information.

What is Computer Science ?

Computer Science is the filed of study deals with computers and computational system including theory and practical. Or computer science is the branch of computer technology with equally deals with computer software and computer hardware. Computer scientist mostly focus on computer software and software system including their theory, design and development of software. The field of computer science include computer system and networking, artificial intelligence, security, human computer interaction. Also it include database systems, vision and graphics, programming languages, numerical analysis, software engineering and theory of computing.

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Computer science is one of the most essential filed of study. Computer scientist analyze the problem and design the algorithms to solve that problem and also study the performance of computer hardware and software. They also calculate the complexity of the algorithms to solve the problem and also determine what problems can be solved with computers. Similarly, Computer science is not only about computer but also it is the study of information and computation. This is the subject which involve you in the developed world.

Disciplines Of Computer Science

There are vibrant range of disciplines encompassed by the computer science degree. Students have varieties of option to choose among this sea of specializations.Thus,  Some of the available options of specialization for students to pursing computer science degree is listed below:

  • Computer Architecture Network
  • Networks and Administration
  • Bioinformatics
  • Microprogramming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Image
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Robotics
  • Computer Game Developments
  • Operating System
  • Computer Engineering
  • Cryptography
  • Web Developments
  • Data Managements
  • Software System
  • Software Developments
  • Computer Programming
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computational Physics
  • Memory System
  • Mobile Development
  • Ios Developments
  • Parallel Programming
  • Design Databases

Why Study Computer science ?

21st century is the digital age, so everything depends on computer technology. To make human life more easier further development of technology is essential. So for the theories, design, develop and apply the hardware and software computer science is important. Similarly, computer science graduate students have excellent graduate prospects. At this time they stand pretty good chance of being professionally employed. In this digital world computer scientist are in demands and their salaries can easily reflects the importance of computer scientist. Recent graduates in computer science earn quite more on average.

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Every industry, bank, university or school, company and any types of organization of this world use computer so clearly computer scientist can work in any of these. Problem in business, health care, engineering, science and any other filed can be solved by the computer. To make solved the problem by computer, a good computer scientist is need who can analyze the problem, design the software to apply the solution.

Therefore this is the basic information about what is computer science? for more related information like what is computer engineering?, What is software engineering?, what is information technology? You may visit the link.

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