What is Computer Engineering ? – Definition, Course and Career

what is computer engineering

Definition of Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is the combination of computer science and electrical engineering. It mainly focus on the design and implementation of computer and computing system in daily life. This engineering is the branch of engineering with deals with chip and circuits. The Computer engineering integrates electronic engineering with computer science. Like software engineer develop the computer software, computer engineer develop whole computing system or computer engineering involve the designing the hardware as well as software. Computer engineering include from home robotics to advance operating system, microprocessor and super computer with massive computational capabilities. If you want to explore more information about what is computer engineering , career path of computer engineers, how much they make, read on…

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Computer engineering deals with the design of computing system including computer hardware as well as computer software and related devices. This engineering use the principle and techniques of computer science and electrical engineering but also it include robotics and artificial intelligence. Also computer networking, operating system and computer architecture. Branch of computer science involves algorithms, mathematical calculations, data structure, operating system, programming, software engineering. Where as electrical engineering includes designing applications devices, computer chips, memories, interface hardware, networking, circuits and communication etc.

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Career in Computer Engineering

Computer engineer must be comfortable working both the computer software and computer hardware because their jobs involve the entire computing system. In this century, computer engineering is one of the must important aspect of life. Career of computer engineer include the vibrant range of area like embedded systems, networking, multimedia, VLSI system and much more. Embedded system is one of the important aspect of computer engineering which deals with computer software and hardware designed for a specific devices. Generally computer engineers develops the new software and hared ware to be use in vibrant range of computer function.

This engineering mainly focus on how to apply computer science method to analyze and solve the computer related problems. For example, audio player, video player, video recorder, digital alarm system, cell phones are the results of computer engineering in th area of embedded system. Similarly career in networking involve with building network, both LAN and WAN. Also mobile and wireless technology, telephony communications and integrated services. Also computer engineers looks into supports for multimedia database and libraries and retrieval of information.

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Why Computer Engineering Is Important?

Field of computer engineering going excited since the first computer was introduced. Since that time computer engineering has developed and grown significantly providing vibrant range of technological advancements that people are using every day. Computer engineers are responsible for creating the different pieces of technology that is important and used every day. For Example smart phones, wireless networks, robotics etc. The principle of computer engineering may be applied to numbers of other specific purpose like, embedded system, computer vision, integrated circuits, computer system architecture and much more.

Important Facts About Computer Engineers

  • Academic Requirements : Bachelor Degree in computer Engineering, Computer science or electrical engineering may also acceptable.
  • Working Environment : In Manufactures, research and development laboratories, Offices or organizations.
  • Continuing Education : Computer Society Certificate of Achievement.
  • Other Job opportunity : As web developers, database administrators, information security analysts, information security, computer network architectures, Computer programmers, game developers, software designer etc.

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