What is Information Technology – Definition, Courses and Career in IT

what is information technology

The term IT (information technology) is the business related term, which is mainly deals with computer, computing system, networking and telecommunication. To explore more information about what is information technology, its career opportunity, course and career opportunity.

Definition of IT (Information Technology)

IT (information technology) is the use of any computer , computing machine or computer system for storage, networking and infrastructure and processes to create, store , process, secure and exchange of electric data of all forms.
Or the information technology is a business term which deals with computing and include hardware, software , telecommunication. And normally can say that the information technology is the term which deals with every things which deals with the transmittal of information or the system that faciliate communications.
Information Technology is the function of computer to store the data , to read data , to retrieve data  and manipulated date. And information technology is the subset of information communication technology. Information communication technology means the convergence of telephone networks with the computer networks with the single cabling system.
The term information technology was introduced by the Harvard Business Review.

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This term was coined during to find the difference between purpose-built machine and general purpose computing machine. The the purpose built machine is that which perform a limited scope of function. And the general purpose computing machine is that which can be program for various tasks.
Information technology also may include the management of data. Data may be in the form of text, image , videos , audios, voice and any other forms. Information Technology also may involve the things which is related to the Internet.
The general concept of information technology is that : information technology is system where one  person can upload data, second person may handle data , third person may read that data. It is mainly related with the transfer of data from one place to another place.

IT Software And IT Hardware

Many people think IT is only deals with software. But information technology is incomplete without hardware. Information technology include several layers of physical equipments or physical machine , include operating system and many other management tool or automation tools.
And another branch of Information technology is software. Which deals with operating systems and applications and used to performs essential functions. In the perfect combination of hardware and software specific tasks are perform.
Nowadays the term Information Technology is commonly use as the synonym  of the computer networking and computer. But television , telephone are also the branch of the information distribution technology.

Academic Perspective of  IT (Information Technology)

Definition of of It ( information technology) may different according to different vision , different organization and different field of uses. Nowadays many students talk about information technology  course, and we need to know really what is that ?
According to academic prospective IT (information technology can be defined as : undergraduate degree program which prepare the students for the use of and make familiar with computer technology it may need of business, government, health care, school and other kind of organization.

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This information technology degree teach students to use the basis ideas about information technology. Basic ideas of information technology means , choosing appropriate  hardware product or software product for the organization or company’s infrastructure, integrating available product with organizational needs or infrastructures, customizing and installing applications or system, as well as maintaining  and updating these system or applications according to organizational necessity.

Commercial Perspective of IT ( Information Technology)

According to commercial perspective of information technology , it can be defined as : the study of computer based information system, developments of application, designing he computer based information system , implementation of software or applications, and support and managements of the information system. Information Technology is the special working or system managements field which include the software development and software installation, network administration. It also include the managements of organization’s technology life cycle, maintaining the hardware and software , and upgrade or replace the if necessary.

Advantage of IT ( Information Technology)

Studying Information Technology has too many advantages. Some of them most important advantage are listing below:
– IT ( Information Technology) is one of most fastest growing working field at this situation.
– Job in IT company is highly paying.
– Any person who has creativity , willpower to learn and ability to withstand any situation may reach his/her success in this field.
– Study expenses for this course is comparatively low than other academic course.
– Better career than other fields.
– Highly paid job are easily available after graduation.

Scope Of IT

In this days modern society is becoming more and more depending on the use of technology. Because of this reason demands of experts in the field of Information Technology is extremely increase. Thus the course of Information Technology has become one of the most popular subject of choice for students.

Future in information technology is consider as one of the most highly paying jobs and opportunities at this time. Most of the talented IT engineers are offered in American and Canadian IT companies, which are globally recognized.
There is vibrant range of job opportunities in national and international companies if IT engineers. And also IT engineer may established their business and lunch their product easily in market. So Information technology consider as the best course at this time and students are jumping towards this course.

Eligibility To Study IT (Information Technology)

After knowing the future career , many students wants to study Information Technology. There is no restriction to study as well as the study expenses of this course is also comparatively cheep. Excellent academic certificate is not necessary for the admission. Studying course is also easy as compare to engineering and medical courses. Thus, many students get admitted and graduate achieving degree. But all most students become unsuccessful because of their laziness. Yes, students  who is lazy to work, who does not have passion to learn that student never become successful in this field. To be successful in IT (information technology) field students must have only two eligibility:

creativity and enthusiastic. Students of Information Technology must have creative mind to analysis the problem and better idea to solve the problem. Only such students will become successful in this field.
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