Software Engineering Vs Computer Science – What is the difference

software engineering vs comptuer science

Main Difference Between Software Engineering and Computer Science

Nowadays computer related courses become most interested courses due to the popularity of computer and computing system, which resulted the division of computer courses into variety of courses like computer hardware, computer software, programming, networking, computer science, computer architecture, database manager and many other field. These different courses explain the different aspects that make computer and computing system. Similarly computer science and software engineering are two different filed in computer or information technology’s world. Here you can explore the many difference pint on software engineering vs computer science.

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Software engineering course is mainly deals with devising and building a practical solution to a specific problem. The main objective of this course is to study, analyze and understand the problem within a computer and develop a computer software to solve that problem using computing system. Where as the computer science mainly focus on the scientific and practical approach to computing system and all of its computer applications. Thus the computer science deals with the theory of computations and its computer applications.

Software Engineering vs Computer Science – Definitions

Software Engineering

This engineering is the field which is mainly focus on creating new software or application to meet the client requirements or manipulating the existing software according to user needed. To make computer work specific software or application is needed. Huge effort and strong team is required to make such software or application. To develop or create a better software programmers works with the strong team of software engineers group.

It is very difficult to compare software engineering vs computer science because most of the subjects of software engineering and computer science are similar but software engineering cover some additional subjects such as software architecture, requirements engineering, software development and software testing. Except this software engineering cover other important filed such communication, leadership, time management and manpower management etc. Software engineers must have to make plan to tackle the situation at hand and develop a step by step plan about how to accomplish that problem or task. Depending on condition and situation they may need to code in given time, but group of programmers complete most of the code for the software. Also software engineers have enough knowledge about computer hardware, software creation, mathematics as well as programming languages.

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Computer Science

Computer Science is commonly known as CS or CompSci is the branch of computing filed which deals with the scientific and practical approach to computer and computing system and all of its application and software. You may not believe but computer science was came long before the development of computer. Computing was introduced since the time of the abacus. Thus computer science mainly focus on the theory of of computation and its applications. As we know computer science was introduced before the development of first computer and started with the development of computer calculations machine. After that computer are designed for more purposed than just normal mathematical calculations. Thus the course of computer science is the broadened study of computing and computer system which we have today. The first computer science course was introduced in 1953 in the UK which is offered by the University of Cambridge.

Computer science mainly focus on the computer and its computing abilities rather than hands-on applications. The course of computer science is basically deals with the ability to solve a problems or getting the computer or machine to do something without any supports of human. In the field of computer science human can not directly affect the date.

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Software Engineering vs Computer science – Course and Working Field

Software engineers need to go through the software development process while developing software or computer programs. Process paradigms is an abstraction of software process and it is also commonly say as the software process model. Waterfall model is the first first published model for the software process. Also software engineering can be divide into : software engineering process, software engineering managements. Additionally software quality, software configuration managements, software testing, software construction, software design, software requirements etc.

Computer Science

Computer Science mainly focus on developing algorithms that can build and change the data depending on what human would like. Scientists generates the commands that the computer follow are done by certain algorithm. Theoretical computer sciences and applied computer science are the branches of computer science. The theoretical computer science deals with mathematical aspects of computing, logical aspects, or classical theory of computations. Similarly applied computer science focus on computer architecture and engineering, artificial intelligence, computing science, graphic designing.

To study computer science you must have strong mathematical and scientific knowledge. The subjects of computer science may vary depends on the college but must of the college include theory of computation, algorithms and data structure, information and coding theory, programming language theory, concurrent, formal methods, parallel and distributed system, artificial intelligence, computer architecture and engineering, database and information retrieval, computer security, computer graphics and visualization and cryptography etc.

From above software engineering vs computer science we can conclude that, computer science has more theoretical approach while software engineering has more practical approach. Software engineering mainly focus on problems solving technique, developing new software to meet client requirements. Where as computer science deals with developing new algorithm, artificial intelligence, how algorithm work and all about computing system.

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