Software Engineering vs Computer Engineering – What is the difference

software engineering vs compture engineering

Both software engineering and computer engineering are two of the many field of computer related field like information technology, computer science, bachelor in science and information technology, computer architecture. Both engineering have a lot of things common so many people are confusing. But there is vast difference between these engineering. The major difference between computer engineering and software engineering may be – software engineering is mainly focus on software designing, implementing testing and maintenance similarly in other hand computer engineering mainly deals with hardware aspects of the computing system. Expect this here explore the many other important points on software engineering vs computer engineering.

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Difference Between Software Engineering and Computer Engineering

Software Engineering is the field of study which is focus on devising and building a practical solution to the problem. Again the main objective of software engineering is to analyze and understand the daily life computer problems and create a computer software to solve that problem. So software engineering may include either creating a new software to eases the problems or manipulating existing software. Specific computer program is required for special computer function. Thus, to make computer program strong team effort is needed. Groups of software engineers works together with programmers in order to build computer software or mobile application.

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Where computer engineering is also know as the combination of computer science, software engineering and electrical engineering, commonly say computer system engineering. Computer engineering science course is the complete required course to develop a computer system and programs.

Course comparison – Software engineering vs computer engineering

Of course, most of the subjects which are taught in software engineering are similar to the one taught in computer science course. But software engineering course include some additional courses like software architecture, requirements engineering, software development and software testing. Except these course software engineering also include like time managements, people management, communication technique, leaderships. This engineering mainly focus on to find the best way to tackle the situation and create a step by step process on how to accomplish that task. Software engineer need to required to code in given time or deadline but must of the coding is done by the software developers or programmers. The software engineers should have also knowledge about programming languages, background in software development and mathematics.

Computer Engineering

Similarly, the computer engineering is the combination of computer science, software engineering and electrical engineering which are the important criteria to build the computer and computing system. The computer science course was first developed at the Case Western Reserve University of United state in 1971. Computer engineering mainly focus and deals with the electrical engineering system, software engineering and software design, and hardware to software integration. Hence, this course mainly deals with the designing the different types of microprocessors, computers, circuit system etc. Degree computer engineering not only deals with how computer works but lase how they fit into the bigger picture.

Jobs Comparison – Software engineering vs computer engineering

Where Software engineers works ?

They mainly work in the following areas :

  • Software Designing
  • Software construction
  • Analysis of software requirements
  • Software testing
  • Software Maintenance
  • Updating Software
  • Software configuration and management
  • Software engineering managements
  • Engineering process
  • Evaluating the software quality

Where Computer engineers works ?

Computers engineering courses are mainly deals with the following courses and they work on related filed.

  • Information Protection
  • Programming and coding
  • Cryptography
  • Compilers and Operating systems
  • Communication and Wireless Networks
  • Computer Networks
  • Computational Science and engineering
  • Mobile Computing
  • Distributed System
  • Architecture
  • Computer Vision and Robotics
  • Parallel Processing and Dependability
  • Embedded System
  • VLSI Design
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Testing
  • CAD Signal
  • Image and Speech Processing etc.

Thus, comparison of software engineering vs computer engineering can be conclude as “the software engineering is mainly related with the development, maintenance of software or computer programs, software development process and software development life cycle where as computer engineering focus on networks and circuits, developing new computer hardware, data transformation process”.

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