Computer Science vs Information Technology- What is the Difference ?

computer science vs information technology

If you are interested in computer , computing system or information technology want to undertake computer related degree but you may not sure which career path to choose. Then you are is best place, here is our comparison guide on Compute engineering vs computer science, computer engineering vs software engineering, computer science vs information technology, software engineering vs computer science and many other similar courses.

Computer Science vs Information Technology – Course Comparison

In this post we will explore about difference between information technology and computer science. From some prospective information technology and computer science refer same but there is vast difference between them. Career in these two filed have different set of skills and each appeal to a somewhat different types of person. Career in information technology (IT) mainly deals with operating networks and database. Also include organizing and maintaining as well as installing computer system. But computer science involves on mathematical algorithms for efficient programming.

Computer Science

As we know that computer science involve with processes used to create usable computer software or programs and application parallel with the theory and algorithm behind the process. Most of the computer science courses are basis on programming methodology, algorithms, data structure, complexity theory and all about what make operating system work. Computer science is the vast form of computer engineering. Computer engineering course deals with chip level dealing, internal circuitry, power and electronics of computer. But the computer science involve in high level programming that integrates with the chips and circuitry which makes the machine works. Thus computer science mainly focus on theory of computer and computing system. Which include invention of new computer system, artificial intelligence, generating new algorithm and mathematical calculation.

Information Technology (IT)

Similarly information technology deals with the application or software of computer programs to solve the business problems or to move in forward process. Information technology is the application of computer in business. It is mainly concerned with business and used in business process that may require automation from business, scientific research to telecommunication, banking and music industry. Information Technology (IT) focus on solving daily life or business problems using computer software or applications. IT mainly deals with programming languages and computer softwares.

Career path Difference between Computer Science vs Information Technology

Computer Science Degree

After four years of computer science degree students can find employment as programmers, IT professionals or software engineer. If computer science students want to become a software developer then he should learn programming language himself. Computer science course prepares the students to choose the correct algorithms, design patterns, and data structure for programs. Most of the computer science graduates only know one or two programming languages like C and C++. For most of the corporate programming jobs C and C++ may sufficient. But for professional software developers you should learn other programming languages like Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS, python, PHP, Javo etc.

Information Technology (IT)

After the two or four years of degree students may find jobs in numbers of occupations, including network architecture, information security, database administration, computer support, system administration. But Some of the job require advance computer programming knowledge or computer science knowledge so students need to enroll elective course. For example database administration requires knowledge of programming and information security require the knowledge of discrete math and algorithms. Additionally IT professionals must be very familiar with how to use different types of operating system and server software works including Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, windows server, Linux, OpenSSL, Apache etc.

Summary – Information Technology (IT) vs Computer Science (CS)

  • Information Technology mainly deals with uses of computer software in business where as Computer science deals with creating new algorithm.
  • Information Technology is at high level where as Computer science is at lower level in computing terms.
  • IT integrate computer science into business for automated solution.
  • IT engineer should have high level working of computer where as Computer scientist should have low level working of computer.

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