Scope of Microbiology In Nepal

Scope of microbiology

The scope of microbiology is immense due to its involvement in many fields like medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, chemical technology, diary, industry, clinical research, water industry, and nanotechnology. Increasing the scope of microbiology all around the world, it becomes one of the most popular courses in Nepal. Microbiology deals with the study of microorganism ie.microscope or microscopic organism. They are too small to be seen with naked eyes. Only observed can exist alone in nature. Bacteria, viruses, protozoa, helminths, and archaebacteria are microorganisms. Its concern with their taxonomy, morphology, physiology, biochemistry,…

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Scope of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) In Nepal

describing about scope of bba

Introduction of BBA: The Bachelor of Business Administration popularly knows as BBA. Due to the very good scope of BBA  in Nepal, it becomes one of the most popular courses at the graduate level. It covers different areas like economics, organizational operations, marketing, finance, etc. BBA is a popular course that helps to develop the intellectual ability, management, and leadership skills of the students to prepare them for real-world business administration roles, entrepreneurship and organizational operations in the face of challenges and innovation. This is a four years course (8…

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