How To Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal

Earm Money From Facebook

There are so many ways of earning money from facebook. To earn money from the facebook page, first, you can create at least one Facebook page and then increase your page followers. Here are many people who heard about making money from facebook but they don’t know what exactly to do and how it works. Yes, we can earn money from your facebook page. You can sell the number of likes with a price tag. So many people selling their likes with some amount of money. For example, you can sell 1500 likes in Rs 50.

we just have created a new page. To earn money, you should have a huge fan following on your pages. After that, you can do sponsored and paid posts on your page.

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So now grow your Facebook page (increase likes) and earn money. When you have huge likes then you can post about you do pay post. You can share a link and earn some amount of money when you have more than 1000 likes and followers.

Some of the most popular methods to make money through facebook can be discussed as below:

  1. Earn money from your content on Facebook

    You can earn money from our videos. You can share some videos including short ads. These ads help you to earn money. Ads are placed at natural breaks in your content or you can choose your own placement.

  2. Earn money from selling products on Facebook

    You can earn money by using (Make an offer) feature of facebook for selling products. You can put the various links from the various websites on facebook which provides a commission on their products. We can promote our product through facebook to make batter than other products. Many peoples offer money for facebook pages for ads.

  3. Money earn by selling account

    So many peoples want to buy old facebook accounts. There are more than one Facebook accounts of many peoples. Now marketers are buying those accounts for their products promotion.
    You can sell our old facebook pages or group with a large number of fan following.

  4.  Earning money by creating facebook Instant Articles

    Many people don’t know, there are Instant articles features on facebook .we can use these features for earning money from facebook. We can just create a blog, link it to facebook and upload content continuously. We can request the placement of ads in our articles at least 10 articles which can help to earn money from facebook.

  5.  Earning money from Affiliate Marketing

    To earn money from online on facebook, you can use another popular ways is called Affiliate Marketing . It is a system by which we can promote product, brand and services. You can earn more than RS 500 a day .when someone uses your links to buy something then you get rewarded. There are so many peoples continuously using facebook everyday and chances of purchase are significantly high. You can also interact with buyers through the instant messenger services which is available on facebook.

  6. Earning money throughFacebookmarketplace

    Social networking website is offered free facility is called facebook marketplace which can help to list various items, sevices and deals and promote them directly within the facebook community. You can sell our product or any item or services that meet facebook community Guidelines. There are so many buyers and they can contact you, inspect the goods and finalize the price, shipping and other details. There are a lot of items sold on the facebook marketplace. We can sell second hand items also through facebook.

  7. Earning money through Advertisement

    Many small business organization advertise their products directly on regular facebook pages to attract customers. Facebook pages help to advertising various business products and about employment, classifieds, products and services. Many business organization use to post their advertisement for promoting their business, they can pay money . You can advertise the product through videos on facebook page and groups. You can earn money from businessmen for advertising their products or services through the facebook page or group.

Hence, the first things that help to earn money from facebook is making the huge number of fan following on facebook page then you can sell your facebook page or you can earn money through ads or includes ads in videos and advertise products or services of business organization .

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