How To Create Website – Beginners Guide – IT Education Nepal

Best website sample

Do you want to create your own website ? And looking for the best guide ? Then you are in best place because this is made for the beginners. In this guide I described in very detail. This guide is very easy to follow even if you are not very technical. Also I update this guide every month whereas other guides may be misleading or outdated. Here you will learn to set up your website on the WordPress specific platform. After reading this guide, if you still have confusion then…

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Scope of Microbiology In Nepal

Scope of microbiology

The scope of microbiology is immense due to its involvement in many fields like medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, chemical technology, diary, industry, clinical research, water industry, and nanotechnology. Increasing the scope of microbiology all around the world, it becomes one of the most popular courses in Nepal. Microbiology deals with the study of microorganism ie.microscope or microscopic organism. They are too small to be seen with naked eyes. Only observed can exist alone in nature. Bacteria, viruses, protozoa, helminths, and archaebacteria are microorganisms. Its concern with their taxonomy, morphology, physiology, biochemistry,…

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Scope of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) In Nepal

describing about scope of bba

Introduction of BBA: The Bachelor of Business Administration popularly knows as BBA. Due to the very good scope of BBA  in Nepal, it becomes one of the most popular courses at the graduate level. It covers different areas like economics, organizational operations, marketing, finance, etc. BBA is a popular course that helps to develop the intellectual ability, management, and leadership skills of the students to prepare them for real-world business administration roles, entrepreneurship and organizational operations in the face of challenges and innovation. This is a four years course (8…

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How To Earn Money From Facebook In Nepal

Earm Money From Facebook

There are so many ways of earning money from facebook. To earn money from the facebook page, first, you can create at least one Facebook page and then increase your page followers. Here are many people who heard about making money from facebook but they don’t know what exactly to do and how it works. Yes, we can earn money from your facebook page. You can sell the number of likes with a price tag. So many people selling their likes with some amount of money. For example, you can…

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Study in Estonia – Visa Requirements, Application Procedure and Cost …

Study in Estonia

Estonia is a good choice if you’re still in confusion about where to apply for your higher education. If you’re searching for an abroad destination which is beautiful, technologically advanced, safe and well regarded in the university-level education sector, you should probably pick Estonia. About Estonia Estonia is a northern European country, shared the border with Finland in the north, Latvia in west and Russia in the east. This is one of the least populous countries in Europe with only 1.3 million inhabitants. One-third of the total population live in…

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Study in Australia- How to Apply, Requirements, Universities and Cost

Study in Australia, Sydney

Australia Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by total area of 6.69 million square kilometers and more than 23 million of the population. It is the only continent governed as a single country and famous for the kangaroos, surfing, and koalas but there is a lot more to Australia. This country is considered as one of the most diverse and country. The surprising thing about Australia is, according to the Australian Government, half of Australia were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was…

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Earn Money Online In Nepal – Top 7 Easy Ways

Are you looking for ways to earn money in Nepal while working online? People may talk and suggest thousands of way to earn money online available in the world or developed country. But in the case of Nepal, it is more difficult because none of the Nepali banks provide internationally recognized debit cards and credit cards, which makes it difficult to invest or withdraw earned money. Although there are varieties of options to earn money in Nepal, making money online is really fun and profitable, and fairly easy. If you…

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How to Apply for Canada – Student and Working Visa

This is a complete guide about applying for Canadian Student VISA, Working VISA, Visiting and Dependent VISA. This guide also includes, application procedures for universities, migration and VISA processing requirements, documentation, cost estimation for each type of Canadian VISA. Why Canada? Canada is a developed, North American country. That’s why Canada is one of the most popular destination for international students, visitor and workers looking for career opportunities. According to WHO Canada has the third most healthiest air among all countries. If you’re planning to move to Canada, you have…

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What Does MBA Stand For ? Definition, Course, Types and Career

MBA studets talking

You may or may not know, we provide the complete information about course, scope and career in course, Course comparison and many more. We provide the complete information about engineering courses, health and medical science courses, finance, account and business courses and many more. If you want to explore about MBA then you are in best place, check our guide about what does MBA stand for? Definition Of MBA MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. For those who want to enhance and enrich management skills preferring to lead their…

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What is Civil Engineering ? – Course, Career and Job Opportunities

This is civil engineering photo

If you regular visitor of you site then you may know, our site provide complete and authentic information about course, careers opportunities, scope of curse, course comparison and many more. Similarly in this post you may explore about what is civil engineering, Scope of civil engineering, career opportunities, specialization and much more. What is Civil Engineering? Civil Engineering is oldest and most popular engineering discipline. Which was introduced when people first started living in permanent settlements start sharping their surrounding to suit their needs. This engineering is the improvement of…

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