IT Education Nepal keeps you updated about 100s of Education Opportunities in Nepal or Abroad. IT Education Nepal is presented by In-Touch Education Academy. We have been helping many students to apply and get admission in internationally recognized and reputed universities worldwide. This on-line guide lets students decide the best country, university and course for further study. This website aims to be the most complete and authentic source of information about abroad study destinations, universities, courses, visa processing requirements, application procedure, scholarships, cost estimation, language test, etc. Almost every information you need to know before study in abroad is available in this website for free.

Student who undertake a undergraduate or postgraduate degree is one of the most beneficial experience in his/her life. If you study in abroad you will have many opportunities for personal growth and personal development. You will have opportunity to experience the different education system of different country. The main benefit of studying in developed country is you will have opportunity to learning practically and experimentally. After graduation highly paid jobs are easily available. You will have opportunity to observed the different culture, different lifestyle and different religious nearly and also will have opportunity to learning different international language which may directly beneficial for your further business. You will have many outstanding experience , which may lead you towards successful life.

If you are going to or planning to go abroad for further study then you need to have enough knowledge about the country, university, course and scope. Before applying you need to have enough knowledge about country, main communication language, religion, lifestyle and unique rules of that country. After choosing country, main thing is selection of university and course. During selecting university, you should concern about reputation of university, university ranked in the world university, review of university from the graduates, fee estimation for the course at university. Where work permit is allowed and main communication language is English will be better destination. Globally recognized and affordable university and course will be better for the international students.

Every students who want to go abroad for study, at first step they search for scholarship. Generally students form developing countries migrate to developed countries. Universities of developed countries are also reputed and globally recognized. These universities offers the scholarships for national and international excellent and outstanding students. But Universities provide more scholarships in postgraduate level than undergraduate level. Most of the university follow the merit based selection method for scholarship. So I want to repeat again if you are competitor of scholarship, you should demonstrate the excellent academic certificate.


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Racheka Adhikary

Finally, I found the exact information that I was seeking for. I came to Australia this summer. My name is Racheka Adhikary and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal.
I didn't have much of a information regarding the living style of Australians/Aussies. The life in and outside of campus is completely different.
I had a tough time back-days until I found this blog. I was in a stage of returning back to Nepal but I found this blog. I went through the articles on this blog.
Actual information related to lifestyle in Australia. Now, I am really happy to stay here with your guidelines I know I will get use to this culture.

Nirajan Dahaal

Hi, my name is Nirajan Dahaal,and I am from Nepal. I just got enrollment in Swarthmore University in USA. I am leaving for USA this October.
I got to know about Swarthmore University from this blog/website. I made a comparison between Australian universities and American Universities and finally made a decision to apply for Swarthmore University. I always wanted to enroll in high ranked university and this is well high ranked.
All the applying procedures included in the articles in this website helped me a lot.
I didn't gave a single visit to any education consultancy to apply as I had all the information needed.
I feel thankful for providing me with such articles.

Sahasshil Nepal

"Wonderful!" I have never received so much of information in one website before and the contents are genuine too.
This October I am applying for a university in Australia; but was in a dilemma in selecting a course and a university until
Thank you for being a guide.

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